“Art in all forms is a timeless testament to the human need to express, share and hopefully inspire.”


I’m a woman in process… I delight in the poetry of life.

I’ve spent a life in the arts, not only as a painter but with origins in architecture and design. I am most alive when immersed in the creative process.

I’ve had the privilege of a lifetime to work hard at work worth doing. Art and design are the mediums that have shaped my journey of discovery and continue to teach me the art of living.

My optimism, passion for humanity and the continual desire to push boundaries is reflected in every aspect of my work.

Building a Vision

As a mixed media artist I’ve always approached architectural design more as installation art. Most recently my canvas became a distressed property, my vision was a sustainable studio, and my primary medium was a shipping container.

The project was a labor of love and has been a catalyst for inspiring new collaboration in 2020.