UNTITLED ARTS is a multi-disciplinary studio, where art, design and culture overlap and are woven into every endeavor. Creative collaborations evolve from a synergy of form, function, artistry and innovation.

“Art in all forms is a timeless testament to the human need to express, share and hopefully inspire.”

Brigitte D’Annibale

I’m a woman in process… I delight in the poetry of life.

Brigitte d'Annibale • Untitled Arts •


I’ve spent a life in the arts, not only as a painter but with origins in architecture and design. I am most alive when immersed in the creative process.

Through the years travel is my most reliable source for diverse and authentic creative experiences. My inspiration is often uncovered in unexpected corners of the world where I have developed meaningful relationships. These have opened the door to opportunities for collaborating in furniture design, and product development with highly creative and skilled artisans.

I have worked in places where art is a way of life and the air is filled with a contagious enthusiasm. I am often submerged in cultures that shake me from the confines of my comfort zone.

I’ve had the privilege of a lifetime to work hard at work worth doing. Art and design are the mediums that have shaped my journey of discovery and continue to teach me the art of living.

My optimism, passion for humanity and the continual desire to push boundaries is reflected in every aspect of my work.



Years of creative collaboration with Danny Errico, entrepreneur, visionary and friend, has proven invaluable to the growth of Untitled Arts. The partnership continues to evlove with plans for a design studio and gallery in Southern California. deArtLab will focus on new creative ventures, including innovative design and product development.